Hardrock Haven is premiering the track “Crosses In The Sand” from the new Images of Eden release ‘Rebuilding the Ruins’ at THIS LOCATION. Lead singer Gordon Tittsworth: “Rebuilding The Ruins is a concept CD about gaining wisdom [and] strength from our past experiences and overcoming traumatic events in our lives until we learn all that we are here on this Earth to learn. Only then is it time to move on…”

“Crosses In The Sand” is the first track off of ‘Rebuilding The Ruins’, which picks up exactly where ‘Midnight’s Tide’ left off (the final track on the previous CD, “Sunlight of the Spirit”). The song is (in a broad sense) about forgiving yourself for something in your past that haunts you, specifically from a traumatic decision you may have made that inevitably turned into a huge regret. The song is actually written about something specific, but written in a way to open the door of interpretation to others.

The ‘crosses’ that I’m referring are actually metaphors for ‘headstones’ covering our past demons and regrets. Being carved ‘in the sand’ represents the fact they they are not permanent markings, and that we can get beyond them, essentially ‘let the waves wash them away’ until they are completely erased from our memory (or conscience). Essentially, we lay our regrets to rest and ‘bury them in the sand.’ This goes back to the quote on the CD tray card of, ‘There are times when war is absolutely necessary in order to achieve peace, especially if this war is internal. Our wounds will never heal if we cannot bleed.'”

For more information, please visit: www.imagesofeden.com.