Randell Stringer’s band King Cobra are calling it quits, but they’re going out with a band, playing Barrie, ON one last time. To aid with this show, the string section are going to be using their Emperor Guitar Cabs to blow the roof of the poor venue. Read on to find out how this cab will accomplish King Cobra’s aforementioned sound goal.

What one piece of equipment do you use to obtain your signature sound?
Randell: I’d say the one piece of gear that makes my sound unique is the 6×12 Emperor Cabs we use.

What about it makes it so important to you?
Randell: The cabs are beasts… they look amazing and sound even better than they look.

What are the major pros and cons?
Randell: The major pro and con is the same thing… how loud they are; it’s perfect for playing live, but almost too loud to jam with at our jam space. [laughs] Oh yeah and they weigh a ton which makes it a pain to carry around.

How long have you used this piece of equipment and would you ever change it?
Randell: We got the cabs around the end of August. I’ll always keep it, but now that the band’s calling it quits i might try and find a 2×12 cab to use at home.

Any final thoughts or comments on the gear?
Randell: I’d recommend any band to contact Emperor Cabs and get them to give you a quote. Amazing cabs for an even better price, not to mention how bad ass you’ll look rocking them live! [laughs]

Check out the song: “From The Ground Up (live)”