In the Canadian east coast lies some of the heaviest music that can be found in this Country. Sadly, because of the location, many of these bands have a harder time getting their name out to a broader audience. Thankfully, Diminished Fifth Records has taken it upon themselves (for the third time) to help spread some of these names abroad via a compilation entitled The Music Of Artisanship And War Volume III.

Great bands included on this release are Orchid’s Curse, Last Call Chernobyl, Uigg, The.Daisy. Anthesis and more. There are 21 bands in total, each offering their own brand of metal, and as each group offers something different then the last, this melting pot of sounds never gets dull.

Moreover, the compilation features 6 previously unreleased tracks by Dawn Brings Vengeance, Broken Ohms, Gallactus, Uigg, The.Daisy.Anthesis and The Kamikaze Survival Guide, so if you don’t grab it, you’ll never get the opportunity to hear them again.

The Music of Artisanship and War Volume III is a supreme compilation of some great Canadian talent. Go and grab it in order to discover some new bands to rock out to.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. North End Metal All-Stars – The Ballad Of Drunkenforce
02. Rusted Dawn – I Am Becoming Death
03. Orchid’s Curse – Shadows Of Immitation
04. Dawn Brings Vengeance – Ravenous Horde
05. The Motorleague – Let It Go
06. We, The Undersigned – Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup
07. Last Call Chernobyl – Beneath The Veil
08. Broken Ohms – Give
09. Gallactus – Cyclon Rising
10. Bomarc – 11th Hour
11. Black Moor – Red Blood, Cold Steel
12. Uigg – Monstrosity
13. Thy Flesh Consumed – The Disciplined Scorn
14. Coffin Birth – Hatchet Burial
15. Iron Giant – Creator Of Scars
16. Big Game Hunt – Lucky 13
17. The.Daisy.Anthesis – Iced Currant And Crimson Ivy
18. Obsydian – Divine Sedition
19. The Kamikaze Survival Guide – Earthquakes
20. Uncooperative Death – Murderous Apotheosis
21. Death Valley Driver – Mothsblood

Run Time: 1:11:09
Release Date: 09.21.2010