Pop-Punk is a perplexing realm where embarrassing adolescent whining is barely held in check by frenetic energy; needless to say, it’s a difficult genre to gain respect in. But Boston’s Transit have definitely been trying. Steadily gaining attention in the scene by splicing post-rock instrumentals – a la American Football – with traditional, fists-in-the air pop-punk, this quintet’s newest output is their slickest to date. Keep This To Yourself is cleanly produced and crisply written, giving the album a level of purpose which bleeds through the entire affair.

Transit’s older material was rougher and relied upon an equal mix of clean pop and dirtier punk, but the fourteen tracks on KTTY are clean as the proverbial whistle. The album’s saving grace – the life preserver which stops this album from spilling into complete pop ‘perfection’ – is twofold: firstly, the dynamic guitar work that is subtly dissonant, and secondly, the duelling vocals which feature a gritty, aggressive compliment to the predominant vocals of lead singer Joe Boynton.

“Keep This To Yourself” and “Return Address” are two of the better songs on the album, but as a whole KTTY is consistently upbeat and catchy, with all fourteen songs blending seamlessly together. Transit adds a cleaner dimension to their repertoire and pulls it off effortlessly, and if you absolutely need a little taste, head to PureGrain’s audio section to hook up a free download of the song “A Living Diary”.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Dear: Anyone
02. Please, Head North.
03. Footwork
04. Hope This Finds You Well
05. Return Address
06. A Living Diary
07. No In-Between
08. I Was Going To Cross This Out
09. The Downsides
10. Photographic Memory
11. P.S.
12. Keep This To Yourself
13. Our New Year
14. Love, _____.

Run Time: 38:00
Release Date: 08.17.2010