Are you a Canadian metal fan wishing for a home grown band to stand up to the likes of Isis, Pelican and Russian Circles? Well, your days of hopeless wishing are now over, thanks to Montreal’s The Great Sabatini.

Their new EP Napoleon Sodomite is a punishing 15 mins of experimental sludge-metal. The title track kicks things off with a snarling bass-line which takes the reins for three minutes before a short instrumental segue bridges the first and third songs with its mellow, acoustic offerings – allowing a brief respite to catch your breath. The EP’s final track, an instrumental outing titled “Trap Sequence”, reignites the energy with its droning guitar arpeggios until the rhythm takes over again and carries this powerful record to its close (finished off humorously by a quirky banjo bluesy riff).

The Great Sabatini sounds akin to modern instrumental metal – most similar to Pelican and Russian Circles – but the occasional layer of vocals add to the mix and make this band a notable supplement to their metal brethren. With swagger like this, The Great Sabatini is possibly Montreal’s best metal export.  [ END ]

Run Time: 10:43
Release Date: 04.15.2011