North Texas technical death metal group, The Famine, has teamed up with AOL’s,, to premiere a brand new track from the band’s forthcoming full-length, ‘The Architects of Guilt’, entitled “The Crown and the Holy See”.

According to a recent chat with, “The Crown and the Holy See” was the first song that The Famine vocalist, Nick Nowell, tracked on the new record, after moving from bass to vocals following the departure of the band’s original vocalist, Kris McCaddon, last summer.

“I may be projecting, but I think you can hear a little bit of extra aggression and attack on this track, just because I was so excited to leave my mark on the record,” he said.

Head over to THIS LOCATION to read the full interview and stream the track today.

‘The Architects of Guilt’, The Famine’s sophomore Solid State Records release, will hit stores on February 15th.

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