The Famine is less than a week away from the release of its sophomore Solid State Records full-length, ‘The Architects of Guilt’, and the North Texas technical death metal group is proud to unveil the music video for the record’s first single “Ad Mortem”, which is now live on at THIS LOCATION.

The video was shot in December at a steel fabrication shop in Dallas with director, Michael Dalton, in an attempt to capture the frustration of ferocity that permeates through the 11 tracks on ‘The Architects of Guilt’.

“As I talked to Nick (vocals) about this video, he let me know he wanted to not just set the feel for the track, but for the whole album,” said Dalton. “From shooting to editing, chaos was the ultimate goal.”

To achieve the desired feeling of chaos, the video combines quick edits of performance footage, filmed in the dark, cold Dallas warehouse, with images and video from traumatic events throughout history.

“(Vocalist, Nick Nowell) wanted it to be dark, chaotic and to feel oppressive, which is where all of the close ups and stock footage came in. As I’m sure my editor will tell you, watching hours of stock footage helps you to realize that mankind has accomplished both incredible and terrible things, and we’ve been to some really dark places. I think the goal of this video was to allow the viewer to catch even the slightest glimpse of that. And to maybe get stoked on some metal.”

‘The Architects of Guilt’ will hit stores on February 15th. It can be pre-ordered through the Solid State Records webstore, while a special CD/t-shirt combo pre-order is also available at THIS LOCATION.

“Ad Mortem” is also available for download on iTunes, or on Amazon.

Four songs from the forthcoming album are currently streaming on The Famine’s official MySpace, offering fans a sneak peek at what’s in store when the album drops next week.

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