Propelled by their newest release, Whitby’s favourite metal-heads are making huge waves with their brand of tech-rock insanity. “C’est La Vie” is the first single from the forthcoming Scurrilous, and it hints at a broad, grandiose album; shedding Protest’s fledgling punk/hardcore roots and embracing the prog-rock future.

From the get-go, the maturity and strength of Walker’s vocals is the commanding factor. Protest mixes their usual mosaic of snarling riffs and slamming percussion, coming so close to perfecting their sound that it’s almost impossible to criticize. Simultaneously pushing the limits but remaining in control, the band ebbs and flows with pinpoint accuracy. This one’s definitely the smoothest Protest release to date, but it matches its predecessors in ingenuity and intensity, and leaves even the most die-hard metal-head fulfilled.

Whether you’re a fan or not, “C’est La Vie” undoubtedly cements Protest the Hero as one of the most important metal bands of the day.  [ END ]

Run Time: 3:33
Release Date: 03.22.2011

Check out the song: “C’est La Vie”