In Your Head is the newest release from the New York based indie punk band Playing Dead. Since 2004 the band has been playing high-energy indie punk that begs to be played at full volume. With influences ranging from Weezer, The Alkaline Trio and The Pixies, Playing Dead’s brand of music is immediately listenable; and enjoyable and many of the tunes are infectious and incredibly radio friendly.

The indie punk scene is super crowded and the competition to be noticed is super fierce. While I do dig the overall vibe of In Your Head I’m not sure if this is something that sets them above the rest. Yes, In Your Head is a decent record, but I feel like I’ve heard these songs before. Not literally, but I feel as though any of the previously mentioned bands could have written these songs as well.

I don’t want to totally bash the band either because one thing the disc does have is energy… and I think if these guys capture that energy in their live show then there’s probably no space to move on the dance floor.

For me this is okay at best. Playing Dead has not necessarily recreated the wheel here, but if you are a fan of the indie scene than this record might be right up your alley.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Apology Is The New Foreplay
02. Architect Of Hell
03. Places
04. Dead And Gone
05. Don’t Wake Up
06. House Of Cards
07. Bad Things
08. On A Thursday
09. If You Die
10. Days Of The Week

Total Time 43:02
Release Date:

Check out the song: “In Your Head”