Back in 1993 Neurosis released their then fourth studio album Enemy Of The Sun. In 1999 the same CD got re-released. I’m guessing since the album is so great, the band once again decided to re-re-release it in 2010. To have been released 3 times, this record must good as shit, right?

Dirty, grimy music is what Neurosis delivers on Enemy Of The Sun. Their sound is nothing short of a metal mud bath boasting lots of shouting and slow distorted tempos which help to make such a grungy sound. Even with music as “rough” as it is, the songs will stick to you; the 6+ minute length songs work well. The longest track by far though is “Cleanse” which clocks in at 15:53. Can we say interesting?

Enemy Of The Sun is a great record overall and now nicely showcases the early stages of Neurosis’ behemoth sound. It offers fans an idea of how the band has evolved over the years to become what they are today. Grimy fans of Isis, Mendozza, Kylesa and Cult Of Luna will enjoy Neurosis and their re-release of Enemy Of The Sun[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lost
02. Raze The Stray
03. Burning Flesh In Year Of Pig
04. Cold Ascending
05. Lexicon
06. Enemy Of The Sun
07. The Time Of The Beasts
08. Cleanse
09. Takeahnase (Demo)
10. Cleanse II (Live In Oberhausen)

Run Time: 76:00
Release Date: 08.30.2010