We’ve been talking about this for a few months and it’s all finally coming true Fen’s first official video is complete and ready to be viewed by the masses. Tuesday, February 8th, the video for the band’s second single from the ‘Trails Out of Gloom’ album, “Miracle”, will exclusively air on the Heavy Planet website, HERE, before it’s made available through other viewing avenues. At the same time, “Miracle” is landing on the desks of radio programmers across the nation in a concerted effort to push the track. Produced by Mind of a Snail Co. and featuring a couple of hand-made marionettes, the video tells the visual tale of two young lovers finding out just how miraculous love can be.

“The speaker is pining to regain the initial spark of a relationship,” states singer/guitarist Doug Harrison on the meaning behind the song. “He pleads with whatever mysterious power brought them together, hoping that it will help him fully remember that miraculous union, and through this knowledge, bring them closer together again,” he explains.

In support of ‘Trails Out of Gloom’, Vancouver’s progressive alt-gloomsters are preparing for dates across Canada in the Spring, as well as a special tour that will feature live performances in select ghost towns. More information will be made available as soon as the details are worked out on all fronts.

For more information, please visit: www.fenmusic.ca.