Finger Eleven has been one of the best Canadian rock bands for several years now. They’ve consistently released solid albums and have developed a very strong following in the US and overseas. They’ve sold millions of records and have been together now for over twenty years, not bad for a band from freakin’ Burlington, Ontario.

The group’s latest album Life Turns Electric came out at the end of last Summer. The record’s second single “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me” recently hit radio and unfortunately it’s missing the magic of F11’s back catalogue. The song is catchy and radio friendly, but in a way a little too radio friendly. It sounds like your typical top of the charts pop/rock song which is unfortunate for such a talented band.

F11 is one of the few Canadian rock groups that can really actually rock out. I’d suggest they turn the guitars back up and stop trying to make radio hits.

Run Time: 3:39
Release Date: 10.05.2010

Check out the song: “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me”