For seven long years the world longed for a new album from Cake and their prayers were answered at the start of this year with the release of Showroom of Compassion. Believe it or not, the release of new album celebrates twenty years of Cake, although the band wasn’t active much during the seven year hiatus. Showroom of Compassion is classic Cake, but with a slightly different sound and more piano playing via Cake leader John McCrea.

The album’s first single is “Sick of You,” a typical Cake first single. It really doesn’t sound much different than anything the group has released previously, but would surely please the band’s existing fans. The problem with the song is that although it’s not bad, there’s nothing really that good about it either. The lyrics are boring and the chorus is all too predictable.

“Sick of You” reminds me of a catchy song by a band just starting out, not a group that’s been together for twenty years. It seems like maybe the creative well has run dry for McCrea.  [ END ]

Run Time: 3:18
Release Date: 01.11.2011

Check out the song: “Sick of You”