Aquila, Latin for eagle, is the name of a metal band hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Soaring above the rest of the Ontario scene, Aquila recently released their debut full length entitled, Imperium.

As I put the new disc in my drive, I was waiting to hear these soldiers’ sound. The CD begins with “Imperium”, an instrumental track focusing around a lead guitar which streams right into the song “In Our Darkness”. A notable difference between Aquila and other Southern Ontario bands is that they thrash throughout their songs, have great guitar leads and refrain from plastering breakdowns throughout their music. They keep it raw and interesting.

In addition to having great art and great music, the band has added some surprise vocalists on this release. These guests would be Darren Marchand, Jessica Desjardin (Bloodshoteye), Cerah Steele, Jeff Klingbeil and Tom Emmans (Odium). With great friends lending their voices to the songs this album only gets better.

Everyone should pick up a copy of Imperium next time Aquila comes to your town. Fans of Assassinate The Following, Unearth, Bloodshoteye and Odium will headbang to Aquila. This band will be legend… Wait for it…. dary.

Track Listing:

01. Imperium
02. Our Darkness
03. Within These Flames
04. Kill or be Killed
05. Never to Awake
06. Vae Victus
07. Suffer and Solitude
08. No Forgiveness
09. Breathing Fire, Breathing Life
10. Bound for Glory

Run Time: 34:51
Release Date:01.27.2009

Check out the song: “Never to Awake”