Brooklyn-based The Haunted Continents recently premiered a new video for “2nd Avenue Blues,” the first song from the duo’s 2011 debut full-length, ‘The Loudest Year’. To check this sweet clip – which features exploding amps, some sort of sloppy hamburger BBQ, skateboarding calamities and even more exploding amps – scroll down.

Slated to be released on January 25th by the band’s own Forest Park Recordings, ‘The Loudest Year’ is thirty-one minutes of fuzzed-out vintage rock-n-roll goodness. Call it ’50s bop and soul mixed with ’90s alternative…kind of like Buddy Holly playing Weezer tunes. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, these songs are often sweet, frequently boisterous and always teeming with an endless supply of catchy melodies and raucous hooks. The Haunted Continents has perfected the art of writing stripped-down, corny breakup songs that bounce in rhythm with the soul of heart-broken lovers and nerdy fan boys throughout the land.

To grab a copy of the album (CD or Digital), head on over to the outfit’s Bandcamp page where you can stream all the songs from the record as well.

In related news, The Haunted Continents recently wrote an original Christmas tune entitled “Long Lonely Year.” The song was featured on Either/Or Records’s latest mp3 compilation, ‘Have Yourself And Either/Or Christmas’, which also includes offerings from Run, Forever, Koji, Brandon Setta and Daylight’s Jacob Clarke. To download the comp for a modest five bucks, go HERE.

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