Starting today, Hardrock Haven is premiering “Union,” a track from the new Jag Panzer release, ‘The Scourge of the Light’, which is slated for a March 8 release via SPV/Steamhammer.

“The guitar solo for ‘Union’ was one of the last tracks I recorded for the album,” said Jag Panzer guitarist Chris Lasegue. “Up to that point, I had been recording solos that were a bit on the ‘shreddy’ side and I wanted to show a different side of my playing. One of my major influences is Eric Johnson, and this solo is a tribute to him. I wanted to capture that flowing, seamless, soulful vibe that he demonstrates in his music. The first part of the solo was pretty much composed in advance, but after that I just improvised, just playing by feeling. During playback I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. Really, that solo is actually my favourite one on the album.”

To hear the new Jag Panzer song “Union,” click HERE.

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