I recently spoke with brothers Brian and Kyle Gamblin of the Canadian thrash band Titans Eve about their upcoming debut, The Divine Equal. The album is a concept record based upon themes from the famous 17th century poem ‘Paradise Lost’ and The Book of Genesis. This is a very unusual topic, especially when explored through a heavy metal viewpoint but I feel it works very well. Sonically, The Divine Equal is a full on aural assault from beginning to end and the listener is barraged by a wall of distorted guitars and in your face vocals that include more than an occasional guttural growl. Here is what the Gamblins had to say about the band, their touring plans and the new release, The Divine Equal.

Now that your new CD, The Divine Equal has been released, how do you feel about it and are you satisfied with the outcome?
Brian: We worked really really hard on it trying to get it out to everybody and we are really excited to see what people think about a concept album based around the themes in ‘Paradise Lost’, Genesis and the Apocalypse. I think it is pretty cool.

I am going to jump ahead then since you mentioned the theme of the record? What is the overall them of the record and what is the meaning behind the title?
Brian: Well the Divine Equal is Satan’s view of God. The whole CD is a story from the beginning track, “Morning Star,” (which is a term for Satan when he fell out of heaven) to the judgment. Every song is a story up until the very end. So yes I kind of wanted to tell a story and that is what it is all about. Satan fell from heaven, he reined in hell and he initiated the apocalypse. People can relate to falling down in their own lives, rising back up again and trying to find some equilibrium in their lives.

Is this more of an objective record or is it religious in nature?
Kyle: Well you know whether you believe in Satan or not it is a really good story. It is a story that I think everyone can relate to. It is not a satanic album and we are not praising Satan. We just kind of wrote an album we think people can identify with and it is a great story… that is pretty much it.

What was the writing process for the disc? Did you guys all write together?
Kyle: Brian and I get together and wrote the songs and come up with the theme then we brought it to the drummer and the bass player and they added their flavor to it and that is how it goes.

Are there any tracks on the disc that are personal favorites or that have good stories behind them?
Brian: Well, probably “Becoming The Demon.” If you are familiar with the story of when Satan was up in heaven and starts to get jealous and turns against God that is kind of what it is. People can relate to it in their own lives because it is about a person struggling to contain his anxiety and his sanity and it eventually just goes. He just forgets about his humanity and relishes in evil. I think everyone feels like that inside but it is just the extreme people that kind of change physically.

What kind of touring plans do you have in support of The Divine Equal?
Kyle: Well we are going to be touring in the States. I also have a contact in Germany and we are planning on touring in Germany and France. We already toured across Canada with The Divine Equal so we could build it up and now people have a general buzz about what is going on. We will be touring mainly in the U.S. and then Germany and France.

You just mentioned that you have already played some of the new stuff live already. What has been the response?
Brian: It has been very positive. I was worried about it at first, but there has been a massive response at all of our shows. People are buying our merch and our CDs and that kind of thing. It has been a great response.

Are you going to be touring with any other acts or are you heading out on your own?
Kyle: Well we are looking at touring with another band from Vancouver right now, but there is nothing set in stone. That band is called West Of Hell and they are a really really good thrash band out of Vancouver as well. Other than that we will probably have mostly local support.

How do guys prepare for the physical demands of a tour? Do you do anything special?
Brian: Well no we found out pretty quick when we went across Canada that there are lots and lots of stretches where you are driving for 8 or 9 hours before you reach anyplace… not places to play, but just a town or a city. So what we do is drink.

When you head over to Europe will you be playing festivals?
Kyle: Our friend in Germany can book us at some metal clubs. Right now we are looking at 1 to 3 countries that we can do and they are mostly going to be clubs; of course we will take festivals if we can get them.

Have you guys ever played outside of Canada?
Brian: This will be our first time out of Canada and it is a dream.

What would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
Kyle: There is a lot of classical music on there as well as a bit of Beyonce.

What book have you read recently that you think others should read as well?
Brian: I am reading “The Day After Roswell” by a general who worked for the Pentagon during the ‘60s and it is about the Roswell Landings. That is a great book.

If you had not become a musician what career path would you have liked to attempt?
Kyle: Well if we weren’t musicians we would probably be working in the oil fields.

What three words best describe Titans Eve?
Brian: Melodic, powerful and epic.

If you were a superhero, who would it be and why?
Kyle: I would be the Flash.

Any closing words at all?
Brian: We just appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about our album. When you listen to it just think of it as a story where every song relates to the next.  [ END ]