Vancouver’s Carpenter is bright and infectious while remaining committed and conscientious. Known for covering the struggle of local Canadian farmers, Carpenter focuses effort on a niche which few dare, or even bother, to invest. Their latest album, Sea to Sky, begins with the boisterous “Mean Things”. Dealing with the typical alt-rock subject of relationship troubles, Carpenter doesn’t delve into their agro-DIY ethics on this track, but they offer up a decent song regardless.

“Mean Things” begins with vocalist Daniel Sioui’s scratching voice joined only by a single guitar. The track begins simply – outlining Carpenter’s stripped-down attack – but it soon burgeons into a fully ripened song, peaking with the refrain of “thank you, thank you no,” and “sorry I let you go”, before quieting and closing confidently with only Sioui and guitar.

It doesn’t wax agricultural poetics, but it’s a steady, polished effort highlighting the tight musicianship that defines Carpenter.  [ END ]

Run Time: 3:09
Release Date: 09.21.2010

Check out the song: “Mean Things”