Burn, burn, burn. Let’s set this chair ablaze. This is what Armchair Cynics have used as the art concept on their new album, Starting Today. Maybe they have a fire fixation or maybe they just don’t like chairs. All I know is that the crisping seat has got me, now been forever affiliated with Armchair Cynics.

Starting Today consists of 10 songs that you just burn through from start to finish. The dynamics of this album are simple, but this is exactly what makes it catchy. The simplicity definitely works in Armchair Cynics favor; affording the possibility of writing some vocal lines that will draw you into each song. What’s also refreshing is that every song sounds unique. While sticking to alternative rock, the band ventures into different techniques used within the genera. This helps to keep the album interesting throughout without extinguishing your fire of excitement.

Armchair Cynics have matured throughout their career, feeding their inner fire and bringing out better music. Starting Today is one of the greatest pure rock albums in Canada, torching the competition. Fans of Thornley, Nickelback, Marianas Trench and Faber Drive will be in heat for this band. Armchair Cynics are HOT HOT HOT.

Track Listing:

01. Ablaze
02. Remain
03. Starting Today
04. The World Is Mine
05. Can’t Sleep
06. Never Gave It A Chance
07. Kelly
08. All The Way To You
09. What Happened To You
10. Believe

Run Time: 35:59
Release Date: 10.06.2009

Check out the song: “Ablaze”