Annabel came forth with a new EP, Here We Are Tomorrow, at the end of 2010 and “The Forgetting of Names and Faces” is the standout track. The bright, ethereal pop sensibility of this Ohio quartet shines through for two minutes and fifty-two seconds like a shimmering blue ocean off an exotic coastline. And right now, in the middle of a chilling North American winter, this song plays like the answer to our collective prayers.

A stuttering drumbeat kicks the track off and the crunchy but silky guitars provide the texture as “The Forgetting of Names and Faces” soars like a sunrise we can only imagine. The vocals cry out in warm hues, colouring the music with candid simplicity. Annabel soaks us in sunlight and effectively roughs the edges to create a tender blend of indie-pop sway and punk urgency.

Run Time: 2:52
Release Date: 12.14.2010

Check out the song: “The Forgetting of Names and Faces”