Do you hear that? It sounds like epic battle music drifting in from the fields. No wait, it’s the band All Out War performing songs from their 2010 album Into The Killing Fields. This is the band’s fifth full length release and a killer one at that.

A draw I have always had for All Out War was their ability to keep to the roots of old hardcore while remaining current and fresh for fans. They are thrashier then the today’s general hardcore band and they resist the urge to plaster breakdowns throughout their music. They also use a vast amount of shouting which keeps you pumped throughout the entirety of the album. All Out War also serves to brings back fond memories of some of Victory Records’ alumni bands.

All Out War have been able to keep an old sound fresh throughout their careers. With every album they get better and Into The Killing Fields is no exception. Make sure you check out this group, especially if you were a fan of true hardcore music like Hatebreed, A Perfect Murder, Blood For Blood and Earth Crisis.

Track Listing:

01. Defiance Through Fear
02. Mercy Killer
03. Apathetic Genocide
04. Fear Those Who Claim Divinity
05. From Manipulation To Martyr
06. Into The Killing Fields
07. An Angel Among Demons
08. The Murderers Among Us
09. Still Crucified

Run Time: 35:17
Release Date: 08.03.2010

Check out the song “Mercy Killer” here.