To embrace the Holiday spirit, Sick Puppies bassist Emma Anzai has just submitted a list of her favorite Holiday memories and top 10 albums of 2010. PureGrainAudio brings you this exclusive content straight from the band. Read on, enjoy and please let us know what you think of the list.

Holiday Memory: When we supported Evanescence they invited us to their band and crew Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel in Seattle where they hired out the restaurant in the hotel downstairs with massive banquet tables. It was very special for us as it was one of our first tours we had done in the States supporting a band that big. We’ll never forget it!

Top 10 Albums for 2010 and Why!

01. The Script: We bought it in the UK before it came out in the States and it was the first time we’d been there, so it has good memories.

02. Trevor Hall: The most peaceful album to listen to, and it will put you in a good state of mind no matter how you were feeling before.

03. Paramore: Love that band!

04. My Chemical Romance: Long awaited follow up to The Black Parade.

05. Katy Perry: A guilty pleasure… let’s face it!

06. 30 Seconds To Mars: Love the crowds and atmosphere on this album.

07. Deftones: The new album is very hard and reflects their very distinctive sound.

08. Sevendust: They always put out great albums and still put on the most amazing live show.

09. Breaking Benjamin: Great band and great friends, did a lot of touring with them and have some great memories.

10. Nickelback: We did the “Dark Horse” tour with them in North America and Australia and it was probably the best tour we have done in our career to this point; unforgettable people and shows!

Check out the song: “Maybe”


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