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The Skinny: Bridging the gap between rock’n’roll, hardcore and blues and strongly influenced by what rock’n’roll has been in the 60s and the 70s, Hey Sugar brings back the heart beat of this free minded dream once again. With their old-time liberating classic rock spirit and modern hardcore touch Hey Sugar reaches for a sound more powerful and defined than ever. “We started to write our first songs, as a band, on a road trip across North America two years ago” says Marc, “and we have been working hard on defining ourselves since then”.

Having finished their ten song debut album with producer Matt Ray and Oli Jean (The New Cities, Crystal Keys, Les Midnights) in Montreal and mastered by Joao Carvalho in Toronto (Alexisonfire, Death From Above 1979, Protest The Hero), Hey Sugar brings their uniquely forged aesthetic sound they are known for during a live show to their album. Along For The Ride takes us back to the sources of rock’n’roll with it’s hard-rocking riffs, smoky solos and lyrics that talk about getting together and having a good time.

Hey Sugar brings a new ideology in today’s music scene and brings back the real values that have been lost in time. “We enjoy good music, new or old” explains Jeff, “we want to break the barriers between genres and show kids that together we can create something wild and strong”. Hey Sugar is on the beginning of something new, a blend between vintage and modern, a contrast between heavy music and yet a passive ideology.