“Black Mass” is the opening track to Electric Wizard’s 7th album, Black Masses. Dirty, grungy and repetitive, it epitomizes the hallucinogenic doom metal style that Electric Wizard are infamous for.

Featuring Justin Osborn and Liz Buckingham on guitars, the simple but powerful riffs are smothered in distortion and reverb to create a psychedelic layered effect, and Osborn’s thick, clamored vocal sits amongst the overdriven sounds, creating a raucousness that just begs to be played loud.

At just over 6 minutes long, “Black Mass” isn’t a short or pleasant listen; it’s rough and grimy, but in a way that is utterly intriguing and simply makes you want to hear more.  [ END ]

Run Time: 6:06
Release Date: 11.01.2010

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