Tonight, MetalSucks unloads a new track from ‘Solve Et Coagula’, the latest release from Italian skullcrushers The Secret. Drop what you’re doing, and check out “Antitalian” right now, at THIS LOCATION.

The Secret might actually be a misleading name for this crushing act, as recent praise of the album reigns in, exposing the horde’s infectious attack. ‘Solve Et Coagula’ – the band’s third full-length, and first for Southern Lord – was officially dropped on the masses at the end of September, carpet-bombing audiences everywhere with its neck-snapping, nihilistic, mournful and antagonistic attack on life, the album’s twelve tracks brutally integrating a crushing metallic hardcore flow into extremely tortured, noise-ridden, riff-bending madness.

Southern Lord will unleash the beast known as ‘Solve Et Coagula’ on 12″ wax to the masses on November 22nd. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide, 300 are being pressed on gold vinyl, and available to mailorder via the ‘Lord only.

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