There is no doubt that Periphery are innovators and guitarist Misha Mansoor is being hailed by industry experts and his peers as one of the main purveyors of this current djent movement that is feverishly spreading throughout the progressive circles. Mansoor recently spent some time conducting a video showcase for Premiere Guitar explaining his thoughts on some new gear. Check it out at the FOLLOWING LINK.

Mansoor states: “So I recently took part in a ‘High Gain Amp Shootout’ for Premier Guitar Magazine, and it was quite the experience! Obviously, for a gear nerd like me, getting the opportunity to compare a bunch of high gain amps was an enticing proposition. Basically we did a series of videos showcasing the amps channels and features, and then did some re-amped clips where you can really hear the direct differences between the characteristics of the amps.”

“We also did everything in a way that would leave the verdict to the viewer/listener since tone is subjective and we didn’t want to influence people’s decisions. Personally my main highlights were the Soldano, Orange, Diezel and Peavey amps, though they all had their respective pros and cons in my opinion. It was all a ton of fun and hopefully will generate some useful information for potential amp buyers.”

Very rarely does a band come along that just defies the boundaries of conventionality, but the experimental, progressive metal outfit Periphery have done just that and have blazed a trail of originality that has sent a shockwave throughout the metal world. The group are currently on a massive North American tour alongside Darkest Hour, labelmates Veil of Maya and Revocation throughout Nov/Dec, so be sure to either see below or head over now to their MySpace to view their entire tour schedule.

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