Ottawa has a population of 812,129. 5 of these people make up the band Hunter City Madness. In 2010 they released their first EP See You In Hell. Once Ottawa got a taste of this release the population declined to 0.

What is the sound of Hell? Well let me tell you… it first starts soft, making you feel like you’re standing within a deserted Western town. Then gunshots of drums dispatch and a powerhouse of southern hardcore comes out of these demon offspring. Breakdowns, catchy riffs and shouting are what transpire throughout the rest of the album. It will cause a sandstorm of chaos throwing the listener around with ease. Now that is the best way to describe the sounds of down under.

See You In Hell is an EP which shows huge promise for such a young band. Though Hunter City Madness may still have a long way to go to the top of the hardcore scene, they sure have one hell of a start. I can’t wait to see what they do in the future. Fans of Shortline Hero, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Walls Of Jericho and Dead & Divine will enjoy the inferno sounds of these raging newcomers.

Track Listing:

01. See You In Hell
02. Pleatherface
03. Snake Em
04. Bad Venom
05. Booze Hound
06. Spreading Panic (Like Legs)
07. The Old Habit Of Young Lovers

Run Time: 24:08
Release Date: 05.30.2010

Check out the song: “Bad Venom”