Under the Sign of the Iron Cross is the latest release from the Dutch death metal band God Dethroned. After a brief intro, “The Declaration Of War,” things quickly get set in motion with the band launching into a wicked assault on the tune, “Storm Of Steel,” a classic blackened death metal tune. The remaining tracks on this new disc are brutal, ominous and heavy as hell.

The band’s music explores all the dark and gloomy subjects one usually associates with this musical genre. Along the way there is some very remarkable playing and throat shredding vocals that fluctuate between low menacing growls and diabolical screams; they are both vicious and visceral and will leave fans wanting more.

While not exactly my cup of tea, there are few tunes that I think stand out above the others. As previously mentioned, “Storm Of Steel,” hits hard and packs a serious wallop. Henri “T.S.K.” Satler’s vocals are extremely ominous and right up in your face. The tune that stood out the most to me however, would have to be “The Killing Is Faceless.” This song is a bit slower than the others and incorporates what I feel is a very cool, melodic, dual guitar part that contrasts the brutality and works extremely well.

The same can be said for the last tune on the disc, “On Fields Of Death & Desolation.” For more than a minute and half I was so hypnotized by the slow melodic guitars that I did not even feel I was listening to the same band and I nearly forgot I was listening to a death metal record. The respite did not last long however, as the onslaught broke up the lull and its effect was palpable as I was knocked out of my of daydream.

At the end of the day I feel that God Dethroned have managed to combine two metal styles with a ferocity that should appeal to a wide section of the metal audience; especially those who are fans of all things extreme.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Declaration Of War
02. Storm Of Steel
03. Fire Storm
04. The Killing Is Faceless
05. Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
06. Chaos Reigns At Dawn
07. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
08. The Red Baron
09. On Fields Of Death & Desolation

Run Time: 36:00
Release Date: 11.22.2010