Life Turns Electric is one album that should be cranked up to the ultimate volume. Finger Eleven’s cool style of rock music has progressed past its toe-tapping melodies to head banging ones. Their 5th release boasts the kind of melodies that get you out of your seat and jumping around your living room, or possibly, a mosh pit. The combo of thumping beats and deadly guitar riffs makes it a rockin’ sound which is a bit more intense than their previous material.

The sound is bordering on the metal zone, but this is a good thing; it wouldn’t work so well if they went too far out of their element. Overall, Life Turns Electric is a good addition to Finger Eleven’s discography and adds to their reputation for making consistently good rock.

All this said, as with most albums there are some purely awesome tracks as well as some stinkers. The single “Living In a Dream” is catchy and fun, but not as metal-ish when compared with the rest of the tracks. It’s song which is a lot closer to their old stuff and has all the elements of a pop hit; making it a safe single to test out how Life Turns Electric will be received by (new and old) fans. Also, the track “Famous Last Words” seems to be stuck in for filler. Although there may be a couple rotten apples on this album, there are are far more good than bad.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Any Moment Now
02. Don’t look Down
03. Famous Last Words
04. Good Intentions
05. Living In A Dream
06. Love’s What You Left Me With
07. Ordinary Life
08. Pieces Fit
09. Stone Soul
10. Whatever Doesn’t Kill me

Run Time: 32:11
Release Date: 10.05.2010