Dog’s Blood, Alexisonfire’s new four-song EP doesn’t see the band move into as much new territory as their last full-length Old Crows / Young Cardinals which balanced three unique singing styles – George’s screams, Wade’s gravely voice and Dallas’ clean vocals.

The songs on Dog’s Blood are musically similar to the Old Crows material, though George’s screaming has moved back to the less melodic, harsher style of their first records.

This isn’t a bad thing, Old Crows was a solid album, and the songs on Dog’s Blood are just as strong, but it’s hard to get really excited about them.

Fans looking to get another fix of the band should definitely check the EP out, but if you didn’t like Old Crows, you probably won’t get much out of Dog’s Blood.

Dog’s Blood [EP] Track Listing:

01. Dog’s Blood
02. Grey
03. Black As Jet
04. Vex

Run Time: 18:00
Release Date: 11.02.2010