As i gaze into my crystal ball I foresee a day when metalheads and pop/rock fans come together, at times rocking out to similar bands. Incidentally, Aetherborn’s EP Guardian offers us a glimpse into said musical future. Residing in Hamilton, ON these five musicians are a testament to idea of two differing fan bases coming together.

Aetherborn has successfully mixed two great genres into one unique sound. The instrumentals are in the vein of heavy metal, with heavy riffs and intense solos, yet are all backed (or fronted) by a beautiful, poppy style of melodic singing. The mix is so cool and makes me think of Iced Earth being fronted by Hayley Williams. I know I’ll never see that combo, but that’s ok, I’ll always have Aetherborn.

Guardian is a short, but professional sounding EP brought to us by a few low key musicians from Hamilton. I was impressed with the release from start to finish and am surprised that Aetherborn is an independent band. If any labels are looking for a big sounding band, this is the act to watch. Fans of Paramore, Iced Earth, Epica or New Years Day will enjoy Guardian[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ascension
02. Re-pulse
03. Guardian
04. Darkness Falls
05. Rulers Of All

Run Time: 19:45
Release Date: 08.23.2010

Check out the song: “Guardian”