One of the most successful rock groups of the 2000s has been Papa Roach. From their early days of nu-metal to the more recent near complete remodelling of their sound, the group has certainly changed with the times. Believe it or not, P. Roach has already released seven albums, the latest being 2010’s Time for Annihilation…On the Record and On the Road. And while the band’s previous six records were typical studio affairs, this album brings the best of both worlds with both a studio and concert element combined together.

When well established bands release live records they can at times bring out unknown qualities in a group, but more often than not they tend to be largely sluggish and dull. With Time for Annihilation (TFA), Papa Roach has put a whole new spin on the live album, putting together both a collection of live favourites and brand new studio recordings.

The record features nine live songs along with five new tracks that the band recently wrote and recorded. Regarding the motivation behind the making of TFA, frontman and lead singer Jacoby Shaddix comments, “This is a look back at our career through the live songs, and it’s also a statement that we’re here to stay.” Originally the band thought of just releasing a straightforward live record but they soon changed their mind and decided to give the fans something new to go along with songs that they already had from the previous records.

The live tracks were recorded on the band’s highly touted Christmas 2009 co-headlining tour with Shinedown. The live songs are something of a greatest hits package with each of their records since 2000’s Infest being represented among the nine cuts. The five new songs stay true to the Papa Roach legacy and feature a mishmash of different sounds and influences. The group has always been good at mixing up aggresiveness and a more sensitive side and they achieve that yet again on TFA. From the fierceness of the single “Kick in the Teeth,” to the industrial-metal influenced “Burn,” to the catchy ballad “No Matter What,” TFA offers a little taste of everything. The new tracks were recorded with producer extraordinaire David Bendeth, responsible for albums from everyone from Breaking Benjamin to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

The band is currently out on the road for a very extensive tour in support of TFA. The tour will take them through the United States before hitting Scandinavia, Western Europe and Britain. After a brief break, the band will again hit the road in 2011. Papa Roach has certainly changed with the times over the last decade. While many wrote them off as nothing but another rap/rock flash in the pan, the group has time and time again proven that they are one of the hardest working and versatile bands on the planet.

Check out the songs: “Hollywood Whore (live), Forever (live), Between Angels And Insects (live)”