Live It Out’s debut EP, Little Bear. Big Forest, is appropriately named, for sure. They play a style of fast, aggressive punk that really reminds me of bands like In Bear Country, Living With Lions, early Polar Bear Club – and a shitload of other Hardcore inspired bands. Not to say that’s a bad thing.

This is a strong first release from the band, which shows just how much talent they have. It’s not at all hard to imagine them releasing a lot of wicked stuff as they play more and more shows, and grow as a band. I think what’s really important about this EP is that it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. It may not be a completely unique record, but it does what it does really, really well, and I’m pumped to see where these dudes are headed.

Track Listing:

01. What Did You Expect? Coffins And Dungeons And Moats?
02. I Like You, Temporarily!
03. We’re BEHIND. BIG Difference.
04. Jim Tobleson’s A Fucking Chatty Cathy!
05. The Zed-Word. Don’t Say It!

Run Time: 19:16
Release Date: 10.09.2010