With their new album ‘The Nemesis Construct’ available now, Emergency Gate is excited to announce that Noisecreep.com is premiering the song “Point Zero”. Head over to HERE and check out just one of the blistering songs that Emergency Gate has to offer on their new release.

Recently the guys from the band sat down and shared their thoughts about their first proper North American release: Mario (Bass): “For me it’s amazing, that our album is being released in the USA and Canada as well. I was just in North America a few backs touring with Kamelot and Leaves Eyes and I really enjoyed this time. I want back – to rock the clubs again. If you like In Flames or Soilwork take a look on our Myspace or visit us on Facebook search for Emergency Gate. See you in concert hopefully in the US and Canada.”

Matthias (Vocals): “Thanks for the amazing support. Now it’s time to headbang, we are proud, thankful and hope to rock your awesome country. Just learn our lyrics and I’m sure we’ll have a good time. Hope to see you soon’ Enjoy our new record.”

UDO (Guitar): “It’s pretty amazing that our album ‘The Nemesis Construct’ is now finally available in America too. I hope that we can come for a tour as well, so buy the album, learn the lyrics and visit the concert.”

Daniel (Keys): “I think it’s fucking amazing that now people from the USA and from Canada can buy our ass kicking album. We heard from a lot of American and Canadian metalheads, asking us where to get ‘The Nemesis Construct’. So I’m really proud and excited that now they can purchase our CD in their home country. I hope that we can infect the new world as we infected Europe.

Track Listing:

01. Alternative Dead End
02. Nothing to Lose
03. Dark Side of the Sun
04. Story of a Psychopath
05. An End to the Age of Man
06. Point Zero
07. Excite!
08. As My Bride Cries Blood
09. This Time
10. The Green Mile
11. Diary of Nightmares…
12. InVain
13. World Escape

For more information, please visit: www.myspace.com/emergencygateonline.