I have loved Monster Magnet for as long as I have owned my own stereo, ripping through their early offerings with glee, although of late I have been a little confused by their lackluster newer material. Nevertheless, and being that Riotgod features Monster Magnet’s Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino, I was really eager to hear this album and jumped at the chance to review it.

Album opener “Light of the Sun” starts proceedings off with very grungy undertones and more than a garnishment of Hawkwind like spacerock’ness. Moving onto “Crusader” and “The Time is Now” one finds “Sunshine” (Lead Singer) boasting more than a hint of Andrew Wood in his vocal harmonies (which surely isn’t a bad thing).

“Horizon” brings in the ‘Stoner Rock’ full force, brewing a dreamy yet pummeling sonnet with “Sunshine”s screaming vocals sitting atop Monster Magnets rhythm section like a snarling beast and Garrett Sweeny (Psycho Daisy) sweeping through intricate guitar solos almost like they are the easiest things in the world to do (check out the last minute on “Drone station” and you’ll think Zack Wylde is playing!).

While “Pinata” is by far the most fuel-injected track on the album, with more than a dash of punk infusion intermixed in the Riotgod combustion chamber for your hearing pleasure, “Love it Or Leave it” conjures Smashing Pumpkins references, but still manages to tow the stoner dreamscape that is this album to the core.

Overall, a reassuringly great album, which deems it equally necessary and compulsory to challenge current musical trends with a mixture of raw talent, heavy melodic space anthems, guts and pure power. Not a bad song in a total of 14 I would say, definitely up there, and in places, past a lot of Monster Magnet’s later offerings and on par with (if not better in places) their earlier works. I am sure the band wants to stray away from these comparisons, so I would gladly say that they break the pattern for current bands and have wrote a startlingly amazing album which invigorates, inspires and infects you with energy and groove. Definitely one to buy!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Light Of The Sun
02. Crusader
03. The Time Is Now
04. Horizon
05. 9th Life
06. Omega
07. Collapsing Stars
08. Pinata
09. Drone Station
10. Love It Or Leave It
11. Rift
12. Sweet Kaos
13. Hightime
14. Grand Design

Run Time: 58:12
Release Dare: Release: 08.17.2010