The Skinny: Probably best known as the lead vocalist in Dream Theater, James LaBrie is definitely a veteran of the rock world. Since his first release with Dream Theater in 1992, (their ’89 album When Dream and Day Unite featured Chris Collins as lead vocalist) LaBrie has appeared as a guest on countless records, put out two releases with the band MullMuzzler and released a solo album in 2005 entitled Elements of Persuasion. Enter present day and September 2010 welcomes his second solo effort into the world, Static Impulse.

Known to many of his fans as ‘The Pirate’ (though I couldn’t find a story behind this nickname), James Labrie’s voice is as versatile as it is discernible; his melodic and harmonic stylings segue into punctuated riff-style vocals with a healthy dose of heavy metal growls. Although he received some criticism for the use of auto-tune in some recordings, his willingness to experiment with different styles and effects show a true dedication to his craft and have earned him a reputation as something of a musical visionary.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with LaBrie’s background, checking out some Dream Theater records is essential, particularly “Images and Words,” and the truly epic “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory.” James Labrie’s extensive back catalog has influenced innumerable young musicians, and with every release he continues to showcase his true mastery.  [ END ]

Genre(s): Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Metal, Progressive, Heavy Metal