The new self-titled release from Drowning Pool marks a first for the band. It is the first time in the band’s history that they have recorded two albums with the same vocalist, Ryan McCombs. Tribulations seemingly behind them, the band appears to have finally settled in and are now comfortably writing and recording some of the best music of their career.

There are no real surprises here. The disc is exactly what you would expect from Drowning Pool; a solid enjoyable collection of songs that are destined for tons of airplay on rock radio across the country. The riff driven “Horns Up” and “Feel Like I Do” are tunes that I feel are destined for big things. From the very first notes the groove seeps into your soul and becomes so infectious, you cannot help but move to it. Most definitely tunes to be played on a hot summer night cranked to eleven. I can also imagine both of these songs quickly becoming fan favorites at Drowning Pool shows. The choruses are anthemic, super catchy and all out metal at its best. I can absolutely see arenas full of people waving their horns in the air with reckless abandon.

Lyrically the songs seem to take on more intimate and serious subject matter than on previous records, especially on the song “More Than Worthless” which opens with the lines, “I’m down to one last cigarette/ And perhaps two steps left/ Please God don’t make me feel anymore, anymore.”

This release also comes packaged with a DVD containing the “Feel Like I Do” video as well as behind the scenes footage, one on one interviews with the band members, the engineer and the producer.

While Drowning Pool does not stray far from their original formula I think this record works and works very well at that. This could very well prove to be the band’s definitive work. If not, it will at least remain one of their best to date.  [ END ]

Track Listing

01. Let The Sin Begin
02. Feel Like I Do
03. Turn So Cold
04. Regret
05. Over My Head
06. All About Me
07. More Than Worthless
08. Children Of The Gun
09. Alcohol Blind
10. Horns Up
11. King Zero

Run Time: 39:35
Release Date: 04.27.2010