“Oh Canada Our home and native land! True METAL love in all thy sons command.” This should be the real national anthem of Canada. After listening to The Truth North Loud And Free you notice that Canada has a vast amount of loud, heavy and talented bands. Some of the great bands on this compilation are Odium, The Last Felony, Derelict, Misguided Aggression and many more. There are 16 bands in total, each offering their brand of metal.

The compilation features Derelict who starts the album with some deathening thrash music. Following is a live track by one of the best known Montreal death metal bands, Neuraxis who perform “The Apex”. After this one finds more great tracks from some of Canada’s top underground acts. Each group is heavy, complex and show that Canada has some gems waiting to be discovered.

The one ‘special’ track on this album is Drudgery’s “The Uprising” which is currently unreleased. This could be an insight into the next album for this Hamilton based band. Other special tracks to me are Odium’s “Frailty” and Derelict’s “Summoning The Firestorm”. These are two bands that released albums in 2009 and made my top 10 albums of the year list.

The Truth North Loud And Free is a supreme compilation of some great talent in Canada. Make sure you go download it this free 16 track release; it should be on everyone’s computers and iPods.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Derelict – “Summoning the Firestorm”
02. Neuraxis – “The Apex” (Live)
03. Bloodshoteye – “Killing Time”
04. Odium – “Frailty”
05. We the Undersigned – “Pangaea Mind”
06. Starring Janet Leigh – “Ex You”
07. The Last Felony – “Quandary”
08. Misguided Aggression – “Mustard Gas and Roses”
09. Reanimator – “Standards of Failure”
10. Rusted Dawn – “Where Turns the Tide”
11. Deadwalk – “Conqueror”
12. Vatican – “Dysangile”
13. Thy Flesh Consumed – “Devout Heathen”
14. Drudgery – “The Uprising” (Previously Unreleased)
15. The Daisy Anthesis – “m.m.b.m.m.b.”
16. Endast – “Pray for Rain”

Run Time: 1:06:07
Release Date: 05.11.2010