Tribe Of Force might very well be the most innovative and interesting CD I have ever reviewed. I was completely caught off guard when I received this disc described as “A Cappella Metal.” I had no idea what to expect and I figured it was going to be something cheesy and lame. Man was I wrong! This disc is about as entertaining as you can get. True to the definition and exactly what you would expect from a band calling themselves ‘A Cappella Metal’, everything on this disc, except for the drums, is constructed of vocals. I know that is tough to imagine and to get your mind around but when you first hear vocal interpretations of guitar riffs it is quite interesting. Eventually I found myself adjusting and getting used to it and actually kind of enjoying it.

I was cruising through the tracks and listening when all of a sudden I heard a familiar intro riff… wait… hold on… rewind that… I rewound the track and listened again. Holy Crap! Blaring from the speakers was a series of voices interpreting the intro riff to Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets.” Immediately I was drawn into the song… how in the in the world could someone do this and do it so well? But sure enough after nearly an 8 minute rendition of this classic tune I was left with my mind blown and my mouth agape. Van Canto had successfully captured and reinterpreted Metallica and in a way that is innovative and still pays homage to the legendary band.

I have never really heard anything like this other than perhaps in a social setting when after a few beers someone will hum the riff to a song and play the air guitar along with. But Van Canto is entirely different, while there is still a sort of novelty about their music I believe they go way beyond that. This is a very cool, very interesting project that absolutely kept my attention for the entire duration of the disc. I am not sure I can listen to this CD on a daily basis, but I am positive I will revisit these songs on occasion because the tunes are fun and enjoyable.

Tribe Of Force is worth checking out just for the simple fact that it is fresh, imaginative and exceptionally ground-breaking.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lost Forever
02. To Sing A Metal Song
03. One To Ten
04. I am Human
05. My Voice
06. Rebellion
07. Last Night Of The Kings
08. Tribe Of Force
09. Water, Fire, Heaven, Earth
10. Master Of Puppets
11. Magic Taborea
12. Hearted
13. Frodo’s Dream

Run Time: 55:20
Release Date: 03.02.2010