The Skinny: Influenced by everything from Tool to Black Sabbath and The Beatles and everything in between, The Reptilians have not let anything get in their way since they stormed the almost non existent Southeast Idaho music scene about ten years ago. Members Joey “The Hulk” Labato, Steve “Jesus” McMichael, Viktor “Bob Wilt and Chance “The 305” Smith recently released The Mentalist, an album mutantcolors at says is “Not easy listening, but it is cleverly disguised as easy-to-listen-to.”

Wilt, the group’s vocalist, says he and McMichael started jamming together about ten years ago while still in high school. A camping trip and a lot of discussion later, they decided to turn their talent and jam sessions into something more. Then, as they say, the rest is history, and The Reptilians were born. Never predictable, always thought-provoking, Wilt’s lyrics are inspired by his longing for people to think for themselves – especially when it comes to religion and politics.

Wilt says the band had a specific intent in mind when going into creation sessions for the album, “We just wanted to go in and really put out one big epic piece of material that would really show case what we do,” he said, “I think we have pulled it off pretty well.”

Though they are based in Southeast Idaho, they seem to have gathered a larger following on the western side of the State, particularly the Boise area. They just returned from performing at the 13th annual Rock the Mountain festival, a three day event that takes place every year in the mountains in the Boise area.

“It was probably the best show we have ever played,” said Wilt, “People love us in Boise.” Wilt adds that the band hopes to have a live recording from their Rock the Mountain performance up on their Spacnum Records Web site soon. The Mentalist can be downloaded for free with a 37 page booklet HERE[ END ]

Genre(s): Psychedelic, Experimental, Metal, Progressive