The Real McKenzies’ style of punk music includes bag pipes… lots and lots of bag pipes. They produce a really merry kind of punk music which boasts fast beats, the happy hum of bag pipes and lyrics conducive to drinking and having fun. All of this combines to produce a really feel-good sound that makes you want to mosh, jump, run… or dance a merry jig!

With a slew of different members and a sizeable catalogue of toe tapping tracks, the band have been rocking the stage and sharing their unique brand of music since 1995. With a growing, global fan base and eight albums under their belts (the most recent of which is titled Shine Not Burn, features 21 danceable tunes and was released June 22nd of this year), it’s easy to deduce that these guys possess a wining formula.

As the newest addition to the band’s long discography, Shine Not Burn is currently receiving a lot of attention. Recorded live in Germany, its 21 songs are packed as always with bag pipes, spunky guitars and lyrics about Canadians and what more… drinking. In listening to The Real McKenzies’ live performance you come to realise the power of their live shows; one full of infectious energy that gets everyone present rocking out.

The group’s pending “EuroTour II” kicks off in Castelina’s Musica Festival on August 12th, 2010 and ends in October in the fabulous city of Berlin. German fans might get the big finale, but there are a ton of shows along the way. In any case, whether live or not, check out this band!

Genre(s): Punk, Celtic Punk, Folk Punk, Punk Rock, Scottish