In celebration of the release of their album ‘New Blood’, horror-punk rockers The Other have partnered up with to exclusively premiere the track “Castle Rock”. Lead singer Rod Usher spoke about how excited the band is to be working with Fangoria: “Fangoria was the first horror mag I’ve ever read and it introduced me to more great movies than I can mention. It’s a true honour to have a song premiere on as the first German band ever.

I hope all of you out there will like our track ‘Castle Rock’ from the new The Other album ‘New Blood’ (out on Aug 31st on SPV/Steamhammer). Stephen King fans will without a doubt recognize the title of the song as the name of the fictional town that the master of horror literature placed a lot of his stories in. In the lyrics I refer to stories like “Cujo”, “The Dead Zone” “The Body”, “Needful things”, “Bag of Bones” and to non-Castle Rock towns such as Derry (“It”) and Ludlow (“Pet Cemetery”) and to King’s recurring themes of loss of innocence and man’s behaviour in times of crisis. I’ve been a Stephen King ‘constant reader’ all my life, read every single book and story and even wrote my master’s thesis on King and the American Gothic tradition.

We really hope you enjoy the song. And if by chance you know Stephen King personally, please let him know about our little tribute. Get in touch via our MySpace.”

Horror-punk rockers The Other are set to inject their ‘New Blood’ into North America’s veins on August 31, 2010. ‘New Blood’ is the The Other’s fourth studio album, but the first to see a proper release in North America and the first to be released on SPV/Steamhammer. There will be three editions available at all retailers: a standard CD, Double LP and Digital Download. National retail chain FYE will be offering an exclusive limited edition of ‘New Blood’. This exclusive digipak edition includes a bonus CD featuring two unreleased tracks from the ‘New Blood’ recording sessions, a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Like the 309”, a cover of The Damned’s “Love Song” and a demo version of their song “Blood Runs Cold”. This version is limited to 1000 copies and can only be found at your local FYE.

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