The Skinny: The dynamic and genuine bringers of raw doom known as Place of Skulls have been evolving their sick sound since 2000. In their music fancy guitar riffs and other metal aesthetics abound and these elements are not only intriguing, but also serve to effectively suck the listener into their gloomy world. Yet beyond all the frills, the group’s music has a deeper meaning – Place of Skulls creates music that reflects both beliefs in politics and faith in God.

Although as a band they are deep and somewhat spiritual, Place of Skulls has a sound that breaks the doom metal mold and makes them uniquely appealing to fans of a slew of other genres. Their soon to be released album, As A Dog Returns, varies slightly from their previous musical creations however serves as a continuation of sorts from their past album, The Black is Never Far. The difference between these third and the fourth records is that the new one is a reflection of how the band has become increasingly flexible and creative with their music and how they yearn to expand their music outside the constraints of doom metal.

Place of Skulls certainly isn’t setting out to impress anyone nor achieve commercial success per se. Instead their main concern is to make music that to them feels right. Regardless, this tactic and attitude seems to have been working given their decade-long and growing career. Their forthcoming release, As A Dog Returns is due to be released this September and is already shaping up to be an epic album. Be sure to get to know this innovative and original group!  [ END ]

Genre(s): Doom, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal