We Will All Evolve is Our Last Night’s follow up to their 2008 record The Ghosts Among Us. When The Ghosts Among Us was released, vocalist Trevor Wentworth was only sixteen, and all of the band members were under 20 years old. Produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, In Fear and Faith), We Will All Evolve is their second full-length release on Epitaph, and is appropriately titled as it marks their progress and maturity both instrumentally, vocally and lyrically.

The album begins with “Elephants,” and immediately you hear the level of strength in Trevor Wentworth’s screams. His screams are forceful and aggressive, coinciding with the chaotic guitar work and awesome breakdowns. The heaviness of Trevor’s voice is beautifully complimented by his brother, Matt Wentworth’s, clean vocals.

Throughout the album, the contrast between Trevor’s harsh vocals and Matt’s lighter singing is phenomenal. In songs like, “Distance is Destroying Me”, “The Air I Breathe” and “Carry Me Into Safety” both singers reign over the tracks with the striking vocal balance. Although the growth in Trevor’s screams is well-noticed, it is Matt’s melodious vocals that hold the album together. In songs like “Into The Future,” “Across the Ocean,” and “Mouth Machine Gun” he belts out contagious hooks that will stay in your head the entire day.

The maturity that the entire band has endured is evident throughout each track, as each member improved stylistically and instrumentally. The album is a mixture of intense breakdowns and unique guitar riffs that differentiate them from the other generic hardcore bands out there. In “Deceiver” and “The Devil Inside You”, Our Last Night stay true to their metal influences with thrashing guitars and fierce, raspy growls. The development of Trevor’s vocal range is dominant and vividly showcased throughout the heavier songs.

The title track is the last on the album, and ends it with the lyric, “there’s still progress to be made.” And it’s true, as time goes on the band could only get better. Sure, the record is reminiscent of the formula Underoath set in 2004’s They’re Only Chasing Safety, but I believe Our Last Night holds their own. This album, filled with addictive hooks, memorable guitar riffs and powerful vocals, is sure to push them into hardcore’s mainstream and expand the band’s fan base.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Elephants
02. Air I Breathe
03. Mouth Machine Gun
04. Across the Ocean
05. Deceiver
06. Devil Inside You
07. Distance is Destroying Me
08. Carry Me To Safety
09. Into the Future
10. We Will All Evolve

Run Time: 32:42
Release Date: 04.04.2010