Noisecreep today premieres “The Pieces Fall”, the first single from New England-based rock duo Tangents’ debut album, ‘One Little Light Year’. Set for release on October 26, the album was produced by the band with producer/engineer Benjamin Jon (All That Remains, The Acacia Strain). It is being released by Pennsylvania-based Restricted Release in cooperation with Angle Side Side (owned/operated by The Empire Shall Fall bassist Nick Sollecito).

Listen to the premiere at Noisecreep at THIS LOCATION.

“The Pieces Fall” is probably the most stripped down and hard rocking song on the record,” says drummer Derek Kerswill. “We decided that it would be a perfect song to have mid-way through; in terms of making the album as dynamic as we had envisioned. It’s the song we spent the least time producing because we wanted it to have a little less atmosphere and a lot more rock.”

“It is one of the very first songs that I played for Derek that got him into doing the project with me,” reveals vocalist/guitarist Dave Witham. “It’s also one of the oldest as I had the verse and chorus ideas kicking around since 2007 or so. The song has one of my favourite lyrical lines that I have ever written at the end of the second verse…’All that’s left are these vapor trails, a history that washes away.'”

Track Listing:

01. Arrow in the Heart
02. Homecoming (Victory Song)
03. Fall Asleep Again
04. Static
05. (Missing) One Little Light Year
06. The Pieces Fall
07. Nothing Left Undone
08. When Will It End?
09. Hyde
10. What the Scanners See
11. Blind Spots
12. Watch You Go

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