Swedish Viking Folk death metallers King of Asgard have uploaded a professionally filmed video clip for the album opener “Einhärjar” on the Metal Blade landing page. Surf over to www.metalblade.com/kingofasgard to check out the video clip and the order deals for the band’s debut album ‘Fi’mbulvintr’.

King of Asgard comments on the video: “The ‘Einhärjar’ music video was recorded in July 2010, directed by Richard Moneus, the driving force behind the production company 1897. It was shot in an old dirty barn at a location just outside where we live. Spending what felt like ages in the old dusty room was well worth the sweat and blood. After the barn battleground, Richard took care of the hard work to cut, edit and piece it all together in a functioning symbiosis. Now, viewing the final result we are extremely proud of how good this video turned out. Hell yeah, Richard.”

‘Fi’mbulvintr’ is available now.

For more information, please visit: www.myspace.com/kingofasgardsweden.