Family bands sure have come a long way. There was a time when that idea conjured thoughts of The Jackson 5, the Bee Gees and Hanson. But nowadays, it’s not such a scary notion. Bands like the Kings of Leon and Tegan and Sara have proved that you can make music with your siblings that really rocks. And Shudderwall are just more proof of that. This trio hails from Nice, France and are made up of siblings Florence (vocals and bass), Emmanuel (vocals and drums) and Christophe (vocals, piano, keyboards and guitar). They’ve been playing shows around Europe since they formed the band back in 2006, but their haunting brand of alternative has gotten them noticed around the world. And rightly so.

The band is a bit of a family affair! Have you guys always played music together?
Florence: It’s been many years since we’ve been playing together, but our band with the 3 current members was created 4 years ago.

You’ve talked about not wanting to take influence from other artists to make sure that your music is unique to Shudderwall. So, where do you draw inspiration from for your songs?
Florence: We compose our music as it comes. We love this kind of magic when a good melody appears from… (it’s kinda trivial to say that but it’s true) our mind and from our soul!

So how would you describe your music for someone who’s never heard it before?
Florence: It’s alternative music, because that’s a mix of many styles, from rock to pop, folk and even classical music. Songs can be calm, loud, slow or faster, sad, peaceful or dynamic, with male and/or female voice, piano and/or guitar. Each song is different from the other one but at the same time, each has its own Shudderwall’s identity.

Why did you guys decide to write your songs in English?
Florence: Since the very first time, it simply seemed to us that English was the language fitting the best with our music.

What did it feel like finding out that Scott Mathews wanted to record your music?
Florence: Obviously, when such a prestigious and world-class producer wants to record your music, it is a fantastic opportunity. We were happy, excited, and proud.

What was that whole process like?
Florence: The recording process was a great, great time because Scott is a natural and enthusiastic person; he made us give the best of ourselves and let us take his advice. And at the same time, he completely understood and respected our musical aspirations. We were very efficient together since we recorded the whole album in 4 days. After the recording in Nice, the Shudderwall album was mixed and mastered in Scott’s studio, Tiki Town, in San Francisco.

Are there any plans for another album soon?
Florence: We have a great amount of new songs, and we are searching for a label (a major label would be the best) to distribute and to promote our next album. You can already listen to some of our new songs on our Myspace page.

What’s the best thing you guys have experienced as a band in your career so far?
Florence: In addition to our recording with Scott, there is not one particular moment which is the best, because we love all the aspects of our musical career: composition, recording, and of course the gigs because we can enjoy the contact with the audience.

What else is coming in the near future from Shudderwall?
Florence: Many other new songs and other gigs we are currently planning. Many thanks to you Amanda, and to all your readers!  [ END ]