Attention Elliott fans. Time to stop being so emotional, so dreadfully subdued, and constantly apathetic; it’s time to get excited about something, for once. Chris Hidgon, your favorite vocalist and prototypical emo front man, is back and railing against the hardships that plague the modern man.

The Plains is the debut sampler from the new group Frontiers, which contains Hidgon at the helm, and picks up effectively where Elliott left off in ’03 – or posthumously, with Photorecording in ’05. The short EP is a good start, but delving into their other releases is going to be a requisite.

Hidgon sounds pretty classic; he’s tender but direct and he manages to careen from the subtle to the surprisingly intense without missing a beat. He shows no audible signs of slowing down with age and if he can keep the energy levels up for the full length, then Frontier(s) are definitely going to make some heads turn. The band sounds like Elliott, even if they aren’t, but it has a different feel to it that points towards a forceful sound opposed to Elliott’s more delicate tendencies. Frankly, they can sound exactly like Elliott and I don’t imagine people will complain. It’s hard to be upset when Chris Hidgon’s involved, unless, of course, that’s the point.  [ END ]

Track listing:

01. The Plains
02. Radiomine

Run Time: 10:10
Release Date: 06.29.2010