Breaker, the third full-length release from For Today seriously ups the metalcore ante. Improving on the long standing tradition that we have come to expect from these guys, this release hits with a propulsive force and an intensity that is unbridled and frankly, I feel unequaled. Breaker is a lethal mix of technical guitar parts, incredible drumming and unbelievably powerful vocals. Singer Mattie Montgomery turns in a performance that is commanding and authoritative and is sure to ignite a frenzy amongst the crowds in a live setting.

I was particularly impressed with the production of this disc. It is exceptionally well produced and even though there is a lot going on in each track, there remains enough separation amongst the vocals and instruments to be able to make out the contribution of each band member – a tough job for sure, but one that I think has been successfully achieved on Breaker.

The album is loaded with tons of memorable tunes and fans of the band, and the genre for that matter, will eat this disc up. I do have a few personal favorites though. I am particularly fond of the punishing and brutally heavy “Devastator” and “Seraphim.” Both of these tunes seriously rip and have withstood repeated listening in my player. Breaker also includes numerous spoken word passages that work as introductions and/or narratives to the songs. While it is a bit different than most albums I did not find it to be intrusive and I do not feel it detracts from the continuity or the integrity of the disc.

Breaker is serious metal fare that is definitely not for the weak of heart. But at the end of the day I can honestly say it is well worth a listen. For Today is a band that I feel has risen to the top of the genre by continually raising the bar. Bottom line, Breaker is a very good album front to back.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Breaker’s Origin
02. Devastator
03. The Advocate
04. The Breaker’s Valley
05. Seraphim
06. Arm The Masses
07. White Flag
08. The Breaker’s Encounter
09. Phoenix
10. Psalm Of The Son
11. King
12. The Breaker’s Commission

Run Time: 35:19
Release Date: 08.31.2010