Downspirit recently posted footage of the recording sessions for their debut ‘Point of Origin’. The footage can be viewed below. In only its first full week at metal radio, ‘Point of Origin’ has been steadily picking up steam thanks to key adds by commercial radio stations: WCHZ (Augusta, GA), WIER (Burlington, VT), WKTA (Chicago, IL), WRIF (Detroit, MI), KJML (Pittsburgh, KS), FMJ (Los Angeles, CA), WEDG (Buffalo, NY) and WKGB (Binghamton, NY).

Downspirit’s main goal is to play live as much as possible – from the smallest club in your neighbourhood to the biggest stadiums in the world. Whatever might cross their paths in the long-term future – this band is about to crank your stereos, rock your house and turn it all into one big rock party.

‘Point of Origin’ is not just an album with excellent songs on it, furthermore it is a sound experience that catches the attention of its listeners from the first note to the last beat. The melancholic feeling of blues music combined with the power of Heavy Metal riffs and strong melodies, a band including well known and talented musicians who came together to deliver quality sounding music with power and passion: That’s Downspirit.

Track Listing:

01. Point of Origin Pt. I
02. Point of Origin Pt. II
03. Love Song
04. Life’s a Bitch
05. Lost
06. Good Times
07. Hollow Words
08. Highway Run
09. Arisen
10. Make my Day
11. The End
Bonus: Rockstar Blues

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